Chinese medicine

What is Classical Chinese Medicine?
Classical Chinese Medicine is so called to differentiate it from “traditional or modern” Chinese medicine. Currently Chinese medicine is what developed post c. 500 AD and more modern medicine has probably developed within the last 50 years or so, and takes into consideration research about particular herbs and their physiological effects within the body. Which sounds great – perhaps; only that generally these herbs are often contra-indicated(should not be used) or completely inappropriate from a Chinese medical point of view (prescribing a very cold herb when a patient already suffers from cold).naturopath 2

Classical Chinese medicine is the medicine practised prior to 500 AD and has its roots stretching back several thousand years. It is the medicine of life (strengthen life so that disease naturally goes)- rather than current Chinese medicine being the medicine of disease (treat the disease only).

Chris has two areas of special interest:

  • Musculo – skeletal conditions
  • Infertility (which belongs to Gynaecology) and Obstetrics Promoting a Natural labour
    Whilst you may have heard that Acupuncture can be used to induce labour, you may not be aware that Acupuncture can promote a Natural Labour.
    By Natural Labour I mean a labour that doesn’t require interventions. Induction by Acupuncture, whilst not being chemical nor “Western”, is not ‘natural’. This is still trying to force something to occur.
    Natural Labour means to spontaneously go into labour, to have an intervention free, positive birth experience. When you come for Labour preparation treatment, this is my intention. That you will have a natural labour.

Labour preparation with Acupuncture aids your body in a variety of ways;

  • it promotes optimal foetal position – meaning your babies back is against your stomach (anterior position). Anterior position makes it easier for you baby to pass through the birth canal, resulting in a less painful and quicker labour.
  • it helps to prepare (efface) and begin cervix dilation. The cervix needs to efface (to become flat) and to begin to dilate – this means that when contractions begin, your cervix is much more ready and has already started dilation before this time – which generally means that you experience less pain and labour times are shortened;
  • it aids to loosen and free your pelvic ligaments – making it easier for your baby to pass through with less struggle. pregnancy chiroSounds too good to be true?
    If it wasn’t useful and effective, then midwives around the world wouldn’t be using Acupuncture to aid women with their birth preparation and assist them during labour; and providing assistance that normal interventions cant do anything about, e.g.. for starting a stalled labour and re-establishing contractions. In New Zealand it is very common for midwives to practice labour specific acupuncture – and the feedback is very positive.


Acupuncture Pre-birth treatment – proven to decrease labour times and to promote an efficient and natural labour with less risks.

What is it?
Acupuncture pre-birth support is a series of treatments in the final weeks of pregnancy to prepare you for childbirth. Not only does it decrease labour times, but is also an ideal method to help you prepare yourself to have the most efficient and natural labour possible.
Usually these treatments start from the 36th or 37th week of pregnancy, happen once per week and last approximately 30 minutes per session.

Acupuncture for conditions during pregnancy are very effectively treated (and often easily treated) with Acupuncture
The most noticeable benefit is shorter labour times

Other benefits also include:naturopath 3

  • Increases the chances of a natural labour
  • Promotes an efficient, timely labour with no increased chance of delivering early
  • Reduces the rate of medical interventions
  • Reduced risk of medical inductions
  • Decreases requirement of epidurals and Caesars

    It is easy, effective and painless. 1 session per week from your 36-37th week onwards.
    “Minor” discomforts, which are considered normal, including heart burn, constipation, leg cramps, backache, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, difficulty in sleeping, and increased anxiety and tiredness, can also be treated during these sessions.

    Later than the 37th week? No problem. You will still gain benefit from the treatment. If you have any additional queries, feel free to give Chris a call – 0411 146 067

    There are many other conditions that can be treated successfully with acupuncture that have not been listed here. Should you be suffering, and wish to find out whether acupuncture is able to help you, please give us a call.