Is Pain In Your Back Or Neck Causing You Trouble?

Here’s 4 Reasons To Book Your Next Appointment With Yarra Valley Chiropractic:

1. We use the gentle “Torque Release Technique”

The hand-held instrument that delivers the energy is called an Integrator.

We use Torque Release Chiropractic at the Yarra Valley Innate Chiropractic Clinics, which is a low-force, gentle type of technique that doesn’t involve any “cracking.”

In Torque Release Technique, an examination of the nerve system is carried out by the use of balance and strength tests to determine how efficiently it is functioning. If some areas are found where there is interference to this system, this is an indication that our approach to Chiropractic can help.

Then, with the consent of the patient, the adjustment can begin and the appropriate areas are stimulated in a non-invasive way with a handheld instrument called an integrator.

2. We provide an in-depth initial consultation to get to the root cause of your pain

During your initial 30 minute consultation your chiropractor will go through a full history and examination to determine what is the root cause of your pain and symptoms.

This will include a comprehensive health history, physical assessment (including posture analysis, range of movement analysis, nervous system assessment) and other condition specific tests and assessments.

They may also refer you for x-rays if they deem necessary.

3. There is a local expert Yarra Valley chiropractor near you

With 2 offices across the Yarra Valley area, our friendly reception team will assess your needs and book you in with the most suitable Chiropractor in your local office.

4. It’s easy to book an appointment – just request a call online or call on 9730 1019. So, what are you waiting for? Enter your details below and one of our friendly team will call you back during business hours to book in your appointment: