Dr Gretchen Balas

Meet Dr Gretchen Balas, Chiropractor (Yarra Glen & Yarra Junction)


Drgretchen profile Gretchen Balas first became interested in Chiropractic a number of years ago, when a friend booked her in to see their Chiropractor. After her first visit, more than half her pain had gone overnight – but even more exciting was the experience of being able to actually feel her body once again – something she realised she’d been missing for a long time.

Over the course of the initial treatments, Dr Gretchen noticed more than just a reduction in her symptoms – she started to feel a sense of calmness and wellbeing not experienced before, including a boost to her immune system and general health. In a short amount of time, Dr Gretchen had heard her calling, and wanted to share the immense benefits of Chiropractic with others. Always having an interest in science and the human body, plus a natural, drug-free outlook on health, she embarked on the 5 year journey at RMIT University to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Every day, I’m still in awe of the amazing healing power and innate wisdom of our body. As Chiropractors, we facilitate that process through gentle, specific adjustments to the spine and nervous system. Our nervous system is the connection between every living cell in our body, to the people we interact with and our environment. A well-functioning nervous system is the key to good health.

Dr Gretchen enjoys reading the latest research on Chiropractic developments and learning new techniques. She currently uses Sacro-occipital technique, Network Spinal Analysis, Activator methods, some Applied Kinesiology and recently Torque Release Technique.

I used to be manually adjusted when I first was introduced to Chiropractic, however I have found that the most sustainable changes my body has made has been through lower force techniques. The saying that ‘less is more’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to dealing with the nervous system. Patients that have previously been unable to find a solution to their health issues, are pleasantly surprised at how powerful Chiropractic is.

Dr Gretchen treats patients of all ages, and realises that patient care is multi-faceted when it comes to their health. She also has an interest in nutrition and diet, herbal supplements and a variety of alternative health modalities which work well alongside Chiropractic care.