Is Your Pillow a Pain in ...

Is Your Pillow a Pain in the Neck?

May 20, 2014yarravalleyadmin

Does your pillow give you the support you need?

Does your pillow give you the support you need?

There are cotton ones, memory foam ones, cervical ones, feather ones, and more. When it comes to finding the pillow that’s right for you, it is a jungle out there! We want to help you figure out how to choose a pillow that will give you the support and great sleep that you need.

The Standing Test

First, a little test can help you envision what a pillow should do. Stand up straight with good posture; keep your shoulders back with your head held high.

Now, imagine keeping this exact position while lying down in bed, no matter what position you sleep in. Your pillow should support your head and neck so that you’re able to do just that in bed.

Different Pillows for Different Sleepers

As you can imagine, turning from your back to your side or stomach will change how a pillow is able to support you. For your own personal sleeping position, the same pillow that works for someone else may not work for you.

The best sleeping position for your spinal health is on your side. This allows your body to keep the natural S-curve that your spine has. Sleeping on your stomach can be very harmful to your spine since it forces you to crank your head to the side, causing neck pain.

When you’re out pillow shopping, just remember, your pillow should keep your head in line with your spine!

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