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Yarra Valley Innate Chiropractic

“Our vision is of a world where people thrive in all aspects of health, and therefore thrive in life”


Our Services

Chiropractors in Yarra Glen and Yarra Junction Restore Function.

Our service is unique because we focus exclusively on improving the function of your nervous system.

We use a gentle “no cracking’ approach to chiropractic care that can be modified to be suited for people of all ages.

By improving the health of the nerves they can begin to function at their optimal level again, allowing your own self-healing processes to initiate change.

Chiropractic is an essential health service

Chiropractic care has been considered an essential service. 

The Federal Health Minister has confirmed that all allied health professionals can continue work and are encouraged to do so.

The role chiropractic has to play in the current climate is one of importance -bearing the load and reducing an influx of certain complaints that may have otherwise called for a visit to the local GPs, or the emergency department.

Strict hygiene measures will continue to be in place. Your health and safety is our highest concern.

Accessing care with financial strain – 
Just a reminder that the Australian Government has a program that allows people to get 5 government subsidies visits to various allied health disciplines. This program is for people suffering chronic conditions (longer than 6 months) and can be attained through a consultation with your GP. The out of pocket gap is just under $10 for current patients. 

We are receiving constant updates and information from the Australian Health Department and Australian Chiropractors Association. 

We look forward to continuing to deliver care to our community and do whatever we can to help during this time. 

For updates as they occur, please check the Yarra Valley Innate Chiropractic Facebook page.

Yours sincerely, 
The Yarra Valley Innate Chiropractic Team.