Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Poor posture, trauma, arthritis these are just some of the common causes of neck pain. Because our necks are very mobile, it’s less stable than other areas of the body and therefore more susceptible to injury.

In order for our Chiropractors to treat the cause of the neck problem we first have to understand what may be causing the pain. So we’ll ask a range of questions to help up identify and determine the correct course treatment for you.

We’ll ask if you for a thorough medial history i.e. if you’ve ever been in an accident or if you’ve been ill, are you on pain medication, and is your pain just within the neck or is there any pain radiating down your arms. Are you experiencing headaches?

Depending on your responses may request further tests such as neurological, orthopaedic, x-rays and muscle strength tests to get an accurate picture of the balance and function of your whole body, not just the areas causing you pain.

It’s important for our Chiropractors to know the exact cause of the problem, this way we can implement a treatment plan that is most effective for you and will assist in a speedier recover so you can enjoy better health sooner rather than later.

How will I know if Chiropractic is not suitable for me?

At YVIC we’re trained to evaluate all the information you give us at your initial consultation. This way we can provide you with a full treatment plan, tailored to your specific needs.

Whilst uncommon there are some symptoms of neck pain that we simply can’t treat. If this is the case we’ll refer you to a specialist healthcare practitioner so that you receive the treatment you require as soon as possible.

What causes Neck Pain?

  • Stress! When stressed some people experience tension in the muscles in the shoulders, clenched jaws, headaches and pain referral in the body.
  • Ageing – Every day wear and tear on joints, the vertebrae in our cervical spine constantly move throughout the day which can result in arthritis and other degenerative conditions.
  • Misalignment of the Vertebrae – the nerves in our spinal column can become ‘trapped’ or compressed resulting in pain in the immediate area.
  • Sporting injuries and car accidents also cause neck pain – these ‘mechanical’ injuries respond well to Chiropractic care as it helps reduce inflammation, relives pain and helps the body to selfheal.

Early intervention can have long term benefits

By treating the cause of the problem in its early stages can prevent the need for evasive treatment such as surgery. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets will provide a short term solution. By seeking Chiropractic care for neck pain in its early stages not only provides you with a long term plan on how to improve the problem, it’s natural, safe and effective.