Babies & Kids

baby chiroHaving a healthy start to life is integral to having good health, which is why at YVIC more and more parents are seeking treatment for their children. Since significant spinal trauma can occur at birth, which is why some parents have their newborns checked shortly after birth.Your child will learn to hold up its head, sit, crawl and walk, this can all affect the alignmentof your child’s spine. That’s why at YVIC we make sure that your child receives the best care. Our Chiropractors have received additional training which enables us to adjust children of all ages and provide ongoing care and management of your child’s health. We use techniques that are safe, gentle and most of all effective.

As your child grows it’s important to provide then with a balanced diet, emotional and physical support to help them grow to healthy young adults.

kids chiroWhilst most physical falls can be fixed with a band aid and a hug, Chiropractors look at the underlying structural changes to your child’s spine, pelvis, skull and nervous system. Poor diet and emotional stress can have a negative impact on your child’s body just as greatly as a physical fall.

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