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Chiropractors are specialists in finding and correcting subluxations. A subluxation is an area of the spine that’s not moving correctly which affects the function of the nervous system, preventing the communication between the brain and our body. Our nervous system comprises our brain, spinal cord and all of our peripheral nerves which connect every single organ to our spinal cord and in turnchinese med our brain. When we have a subluxation present within our spine our brain and body cannot communicate effectively, preventing us from being able to live our lives to our full potential. No other health professionals are trained to identify and correct these subluxations, other than Chiropractors there are very few health professionals trained to identify and correct these subluxations.

The role of our nervous system is to detect our environment and to then co-ordinate the appropriate response to changes with that environment. Our bodies have an inbuilt genetic code that tells it what to do and how to function. We’re all the same, and no different to any other animal on this plant. Our genetic code has not changed in hundreds of thousands of years. We’re built to live in a world very different from the world we live in today. Anything that we do in our world and our lives that is not congruent with our genetic makeup is a stress to our body. Whether it’s from eating the incorrect foods, breathing in polluted air, not drinking enough water, living in isolation from friends and family, having a stressful job, or moving incorrectly or not moving enough. These are just a very few examples of different stresses we face in the world we live in today.

massage 2When our bodies are constantly exposed to these stressors, and may not know how to cope with them, our nervous system works out how to best deal with the stress in order to keep us alive. These stressors are what cause subluxations.

As we can’t go back to living as our ancient ancestors once did, many individuals and families choose to seek chiropractic care to help their bodies cope with the world they are now a part of.  We help them to remove any subluxations (which they often cannot feel, and are causing no obvious side effects yet) and allow them to live a healthier, more productive, fun filled life. So start enjoying life to the max. Call us today…