Dr David Mock

Meet Dr David Mock

Since birth, Chiropractic has been a part of Dr Dave’s life. After receiving his first adjustment at just a few hours old, it’s been a way of life ever since!
This followed through to studying Chiropractic at RMIT. After graduating with a Bachelor of applied science and a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic with honours, Dr Dave traveled all over Australia as a locum Chiropractor. Working in dozens of different clinics gave him a very well rounded experience in all areas of Chiropractic and the many different techniques used within the profession.
After 2 1/2 years, Dr Dave took over the family practice that was started by his father Dr Russell Mock and a few years later also Yarra Valley Innate Chiropractic.

Dr Dave is also a father of a very lively 6 year old who has also been adjusted since birth, along with his partner Portia who has been getting adjusted for many years also.
Family care is Dr Dave’s main area of expertise, along with sports-in particular running, footy, cricket and motorbike riding.