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You use your legs every day for walking, running, and standing up or down so when you experience pain in your legs your mobility is compromised. Rather than finding out what’s causing the pain sometimes taking medication can seem like a quicker and easier alternative. However the most effective way to identify and fix the problem is to visit the Chiropractor.

Medication will mask the problem and provide a short term solution for many however in the long term the problem can be exacerbated leaving the joints and limbs in our legs weaker and over time can cause even bigger problems.

Leg pain can be debilitating and stop you from enjoying the things you love doing the most. So why not call YVIC and start your journey back to better health.

Common Causes of leg pain

Leg pain is often a mechanical issue and not necessarily as a result of illness or disease. Many common ailments occur in the lower limbs and can be either acute or chronic pain.

Acute Symptoms: Acute pain may be caused as a result of an accident or injury and individuals are highly aware of why they are in pain. The most common causes of leg pain are as a result of Knee meniscus tears or ankle sprains

Taking painkillers and/or anti-inflammatory tablets to help repair and ease the pain could potentially cense weakness to the affected area which can result if further problems later on because the area affected may not have healed correctly.

Our aim is to manipulate and mobilise the affected area and reduce the inflammation which will help restore your body’s natural balance and allow the body to heal itself.

These gentle techniques enable a quicker, more complete healing minimising the likelihood of the same injury re occurring in the future.

Chronic Symptoms: Over time our body’s age and symptoms we have had for some time gradually worsen. Whilst you may not be able to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem it becomes severe enough for you to want to do something about it. The ongoing annoyance of having reduced mobility, ongoing persistent pain and the inconvenience it’s causing you every day can no longer be tolerated.

Early intervention may prevent more severe symptoms in the future. Our Chiropractic treatment plans will treat the symptoms in the early stages so that you have speedier road to better health whilst reducing the likelihood of further problems in the future.

Early warning signs include:

  • Stiffness in the groin area and/or Knee pain may indicate early signs of arthritis in the hip(s)
  • If your knee sounds like it pops or clicks inside your knee whilst walking, running or walking up stairs
  • If you experience pain in either heel, more so in the morning, this can be an early sign of Plantar Fasciitis
  • Stiffness, pain, inflammation or weakness in your joints

If you’re experiencing any of these signs call YVIC today and start your journey to better health.