Back Pain

Back Pain – How a Chiropractor can help

When you suffer from back pain it’s never a pleasant experience and sometimes pain medication isn’t necessarily the right solution on long term solution to assist with vack pain.

At YVIC we take a holistic approach to patient treatment. First and foremost we look at your medical history and conduct a thorough assessment before conducting any treatment.

It’s important for us to know whether you’re on any mediation, or have any existing medical conditions i.e. heart problems, diabetes and arthritis. Past medical procedures are also important for us to be aware of such as fractures or previous injuries that may have caused trauma.

We also like to know what type of work you do i.e. do you sit at a computer all day, lift heavy objects. Do you participate in any sport or other types of physical activity?

The more we know about your circumstances the better the chance we have of evaluating your back pain and providing the necessary treatment plan to get to you on the road to better health.

How we treat back pain at YVIC?

Chiropractic is not just about manipulating the spine, our treatment involves non evasive realignment of the spine combined with ongoing gentle stretches and strengthening of the spine. Combining all these elements helps your body to heal itself.

We provide you with a treatment plan tailored to your needs and more importantly the area(s) causing pain. Whilst after an initial treatment the pain can disappear quite quickly we encourage on going treatments at regular intervals to provide long term relief and rehabilitation.

As with all our patient’s we encourage you to conduct gentle stretches on a regular basis to help strengthen the muscles and reduce risk or recurring back pain.

Back pain and the treatment by a Chiropractor

Not everyone likes to take medications such as painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs which is why more General Practitioners refer patients to Chiropractors as an alternative treatment. We can assess and treat the cause of the pain quickly so that patients are more mobile and robust after the initial few visits and without the need to take pain medication.

The Chiropractic Journal of Australia identified that more patients receiving Chiropractic avoided developing ongoing, chronic pain making a complete recovery. The additional benefits to the patient’s equated to less time of work and a quicker recovery.