Sports Injuries and Sport...

Sports Injuries and Sports Performance

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a novice athlete there’s always a risk of injury which can result in you being out of action for weeks, months or even prevent you participating in any further sports of any kind.

Even if you’re returning to exercise after a long break or simply wanting to get fit and loose a few kilo’s, regular visits to the chiropractor can help keep your body balanced and enable you to have greater range and freedom of movement.

Why Chiropractic?

From and old injury to spinal misalignment our Chiropractors can identify any underlying problems that may exist and treat and prevent any potential problems down the line.

Physical sports can add additional stress to your body which in turn can impact your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments and minor injuries can turn into major ones. Regular visits to the chiropractor can assist in preventing injury so you can continue to enjoy performing to the max!

Our Chiropractors not only help prevent injury we manage the pain and inflammation and reduce your down-time by speeding up your rehabilitation with a health care plan that will have you back to 100% capacity sooner rather than later.

Today, chiropractors work alongside Doctors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists and Sports Psychologists that help to keep elite athletes at the top of their game. Our treatment methods are effective and we help our athletes both elite and novice get back to better health sooner rather than later

Benefits of Chiropractic treatment

  • Helps prevent sporting injuries. Sports injuries can be expensive – time away from work, loss of income.
  • It’s facilitates a speedy recovery. Chiropractic treatment helps the body to heal itself, in the correct way by preventing a ‘weakness’ that could cause a similar injury in the future. It’s a drug free and gentle alternative treatment.
  • We don’t just treat back problems! There are many different sports injuries – tendonitis, problems with joints, strained or sprained muscles all of which can be treated by a Chiropractor.
  • You don’t have to take strong medication. A drug-free treatment for athletes is always a preferred alternative.

At YVIC our chiropractors are here to help, so whether you’re a series athlete or just doing it for fun our goal is to help you to continue to enjoy what you do most – stay fit, healthy and injury free so call us today and book in for a consultation.